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Charanpreet Singh KOCHHAR


Charanpreet (Charan) is seen by his peers as a highly respected and knowledgeable person in the property world. After working in IT industry for years Charan decided to become Sales agent assist first home buyers, investors and developers in reaching their goals and dreams.

Going from strength to strength in property world, Charan has come across many scenarios in relation to property. He is known to be straight to the point, honest, articulate and a motivated individual who enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion.

Charan's joy comes from the happiness of  his clients, no matter if they are a Seller, Buyer, Future or Past Client, or Simply just someone looking for a little advice, Charan is always willing to help and go that extra mile to make things rolling for them. His willingness and easy going nature are the attributes that has helped him build strong lasting relationships with all his clients.